Personal service + smart technology = peace of mind.

When you partner with NLEX, you not only get our experienced team of experts, you get access to a secure, centralized online portal that allows you to directly oversee post-sale account activities.

Exclusive to NLEX and powered by DebtNext, the industry’s leading debt software company, our technology platform provides best-in-class features and benefits:


See your post-sale account data like never before. As an NLEX client, you can quickly access accurate dashboard reports regarding sales, account recalls, repurchases, direct pays, and media requests.


Receive important messages and alerts about key post-sale activities, including put backs and media requests that are ready for approval, as well as new reports available for your review.


Streamline your post-sale process through access to secure and real-time transaction management, including direct pays, put-backs, and media.


Reduce the possibility of human error. Post-sale activities must be accurate in order to meet regulatory demands and ensure consumers’ rights are protected. By utilizing NLEX’s post-sale service to manage the activities through systematic processes, you can be assured of meeting these important requirements.


Operate with certainty that your information is protected. As a SOC2 and RMAI Certified Broker, NLEX provides products and services that meet the highest industry standards for security and compliance.

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Customer Testimonials

Hands down, their expertise and their personnel is what I like most. If I make a mistake, or if I'm looking at something wrong, they absolutely will not take advantage of me. They watch out for me. I have great relationships. They are known in the industry and all very intelligent.

Merle Worsham
CEO, Galaxy Capital Acquisitions, LLC